Thursday, January 20, 2011


A small compilation of words describing my life

Blog Assignment 1

My name is Chelsea and I am 19 years old. I'm a Secondary English/ Language Arts Education major. I graduated from Fairhope High School in Fairhope, Alabama. However, I'm not originally from Alabama. I was born in Fort Knox, Kentucky to a soldier in the Army and a student at the University of Kentucky. From Fort Knox, we moved to Fort Stewart, Georgia. Here, my parents divorced and my mom and I then moved to Jacksonville, Florida. From there we moved to Bloomfield, New Jersey, then Hillsborough, New Jersey. Our moving finally ended when we left New Jersey and landed in Fairhope.

I call myself an only child, but that's only partially true. I am my mom's only child. However, my dad got remarried and they had two children, my sister, Ella, and my brother, Kaleb. Ella is currently 9 and Kaleb is 7.

I originally wanted to become a writer, because I adore writing. It's the stable place I can run away to when the real world is tossing me around and it allows me to say things I might not be able to force myself to speak. However, I didn't just have a passion for writing, I had, and still have, a passion for words and language and creating elaborate images with words. I also loved reading just about everything I could get my hands on. Eventually, I decided I didn't want to be just a writer anymore. I wanted to do more than simply contribute to the masses of books; I wanted to teach people to enjoy literature, or better yet, teach them to love it as much as I do. So, I decided I'd enter the education field and see if I could do just that.

Aside from being in love with writing, I have a passion for horses and horseback riding, though I'm unable to participate in that particular activity.