Sunday, May 1, 2011

Final Project

How To Be a Digital Native

It's a picture of a child and a teacher standing at the chalkboard. The teacher is telling the child there aren't any icons to push, it's a chalkboard

Carly presented the idea to us and I immediately loved it. It gave us power to not only show what we've learned throughout the semester, but to also condense it into things we got the most out of.


  1. I missed the link.

    Wow! What an excellent collection of materials and examples. This would be extremely useful for in-service training. And the picture Will Code HTML for Food. I MUST use that!

    Well designed, demonstrates proficiency in a lot of areas, very useful!


    And another cartoon that I will use as well.

  2. Sorry, I probably should have made the link a little more apparent.

    But thank you very much. I have to give Carly credit for coming up with the idea, but once we started brainstorming, we all ran away with it. I had fun writing the post on Glogster.

    And I LOVE that picture. Carly was Googling images to use and we just had to use that picture.

    Thank you very much!