Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project #8

It's quite exciting, this is my first podcast ever. And personally, I think my partner, Carly Pugh, and I did a great job.

Anyway, when we were given the list of topics to browse for our podcasts, Google Lit Trips caught mine and Carly's eyes right away. It just called to my future English teacher heart.
a chalkboard that says education equals future

My Google Lit Trips Podcast

And, here's a link to the wonderful website we had the pleasure of talking about in our podcast: Google Lit Trips

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  1. Hey Chelsea,
    I'm Natalie Brown I will be your C4C buddy. I'm sorry I'm a little late. I have been going through a lot lately. My blogger is and my twitter is!/NatalieNicole04 feel free to IM me or twit me.