Friday, March 4, 2011

PLN Progress Report

At first it was a little difficult figuring out what I ought to include in my PLN. However, as I got to thinking, I realized it wasn't that hard. So, the point of EDM 310 is to prepare future teachers for using technology in their classrooms and the point of being in college period is to prepare for being (in our cases) teachers. So, why not create a PLN that has to do with my future job? It might not be useful to the fullest extent, but it does allow me to research things and start at least thinking about my future lesson plans. Not to mention it can help me create connections with other teachers who can in turn help me. One great thing I found to help me connect with other teachers was a list of teachers who use Twitter. It gives their name, their subject, the grade the teach, where they are located, and their Twitter name. Definitely going to make use of this list.

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