Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blog Post #11

Little Kids...Big Potential & Skype Conversation

Ms. Cassidy did a great job with what she started out with. She began with only 5 computers that could only be used to access the internet. Instead of writing them off as useless, she took the time to learn about things to teach her students to help them learn. I definitely think that teaching her students how to use wikis and websites to learn is great and it's something I intend on using. I'm in love with the idea of students being able to teach themselves things, with my aid. I don't want to just tell them how to do it. However, I think there will be students who are going to be lazy and expect me to spoon-feed them. I plan to simply encourage them to learn things for themselves and help them realize the benefits of teaching themselves. As for the benefits, I think there are many. One of them being students become more independent. They won't rely so heavily on others for information. They'll have the skills and abilities to research information and learn things by themselves or along with others.

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  1. Chelsea, with kids we do have to be careful not to be too harsh but also not to be spoon feeding them. We just have to find our element!