Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blog Post #13


ALEX is a project of the Alabama Department of Education. It is a collection of lesson plans, web links, and interactive activities for teachers, students, and parents to access and use.
picture of a female student telling her male teacher that she is an Abstract-Sequential learner and trusts he'll teach accordingly

The website is wonderful. It allows you to look up lesson plans by subject and grade level. It even allows you to search for lesson plans by author, title, or school. Plus, you have to option to create your own lesson plan. The web resources are also organized by subject. The offer many different links to websites that can be used to supplement learning. On top of that, the site has a collection of podcasts that span from Art, to Math, to Technology Education.

I will definitely use ALEX when I begin teaching. It offers so many different options and it's easy to access for everyone. It'll allow parents the opportunity to keep up with what their children are doing.

ACCESS Distance Learning

ACCESS is another website that offers resources for students and teachers. It offers a wide variety of links ad programs for download. It offers lessons for the Alabama Graduation Exams and test prep lessons. There is a page of information strictly aimed at educators to help them expand their teaching plans. Students have their own list of resources too. Some of the resources require login information, others are completely open.

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