Sunday, April 10, 2011

Special Assignment-Mr. McClung

McClung's World

1. His class blog doesn't just include things his students have done, but it includes things that affect his students, his student's parents, and others.

2. He's well rounded. He doesn't focus on just one area, but seems to strive to incorporate a lot of beneficial things.

3. His rules are really simple. I think they're a great set of rules that seem to want to teach respect for others, not just the teacher, but also focus on the importance of learning and teaching others.

4. The first thing listed is a day planner. A day planner allows people to plan their time well. It also allows people to keep up with important dates, such as when a project is due. It's essential for keeping organized and keeping up with work.

5. They're alike. And frankly, it may seem harsh, but it more than likely motivates students to do the work.

6. He seems to want to be able to offer a place for students, parents, and teachers to follow along with what he's teaching in class. I think this is a great way to do it. It's easy for everyone to access and easy to follow. I plan on doing the same thing. Besides, it also prevents students from saying "Well, I didn't know, I was absent that day" or something along those lines.

7. One link I looked through was the Biology Corner. Here there were lists of biologysev worksheets that go along with several textbooks. This is a great way for teachers to oust the "I didn't have it, I was absent" excuse and a great way for parents to prevent it too. The second link was Discovery Education, where students can not just stare at a textbook, but engages them through the use of videos. It also offers resources for teachers. This can be helpful in that it can give teachers new ideas to spice up their lessons and can be a lot more interesting for students. I believe they made the list for these reasons.

8. Under Internet Safety I asked you to read carefully the rules Mr. McClung sets forth for safely using the internet. Comment on these rules. Are there any you would add or subtract.

9. The C4K assignment was filed under Main Page, which simply was the main page of his blog. Here he talks about different things like raising money for the Susan G. Komen for the cure.

10. I like the Mr. McClung has a "song of the week" feature. I also like that he has a mini slide show viewer on the sidebar too.

11. He posts information that's not only related to his class and their work, but things that would affect people like me and other teachers. For example, one of his posts discusses the unemployment rate. Aside from being interesting to read about, it helps keep things in perspective.

12. There is so much going on on his blog, but it's all great and useful things. Other blogs have been cleaner and simpler.

13. He clearly knows what he wants to achieve and what he wants his students to achieve.

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