Tuesday, April 26, 2011

C4T #4

Education Reset

This particular post was quite interesting. The author, teachernz, brings up the idea of pressing the "RESET" button on education. And frankly, it probably ought to be done. Schools are too focused on numbers and not focused on whether their students are actually learning the material and actually remembering it past the day of the test. Teachernz says that a simple reboot wouldn't be enough. The innards of the education system need to be re-worked completely. And it's true. Simply rebooting wouldn't change the way the system thinks or runs. It'd end up repeating itself.

Web 3.0

The second post I was assigned to comment on was a video about the advancement of the internet, how far it's come, and where it could possibly be headed. For example, the interent could lead to our washing machines and dryers being able to determine whether they should run or not and even could be able to send the owner a text saying "Hey, hang out the wet laundry before it starts storming." I think this would be absolutely amazing. Mom and I tend to forget about our laundry. Sometimes we'll load the washer and foreget to turn it on. But, it just goes to show you, that the internet has become more valuable than possibly thought.

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